Drone Photo and Video Production

Adobe Premiere ProOne of the first and most popular uses for drones is capturing aerial photos and videos. Until recently, this could only be done with an airplane or helicopter at a substantially higher cost. In recent years, the combination of drone, gimbal and camera technology has advanced significantly, allowing drone operators to capture high quality aerial images.

Capturing Outstanding Aerial Imagery

This course builds upon what students have learned in the SkyOp introductory and hands-on drone flight training courses. It is designed for students who want to capture and edit aerial imagery for commercial purposes. In it, students will learn best practices for capturing aerial imagery with a drone and be introduced to basic post-processing techniques using industry-leading Adobe software. This course will walk students through the steps involved in this process from image capture to image delivery. Some of the steps the course will cover include:

  • How to construct the best shot while the drone is in the air.
  • How to adjust to weather conditions.
  • How to store photos and videos, and which file types to use.
  • How to use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite in post-processing. Students will receive an introduction to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and create professional photos and videos. They will learn how to add narration and music without infringing on copyrights. Note that students need to have access to the current versions of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro so they can work on the class activities. 

At the completion of the course instruction, students will be able to create their own video utilizing stock footage provided by SkyOp. This course will prepare students to pursue more in-depth Adobe Creative Cloud courses and advanced aerial imaging platforms and cameras.

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