Intro to sUAS - Public Safety

Public SafetyUnmanned aircraft are in the process of revolutionizing public safety. Drones can put eyes and ears on the ground and in the air in scenarios that would be impenetrable or life-threatening to personnel. This technology has the potential to extend your team’s abilities while improving the safety of everyone involved in an emergency. SkyOp’s knowledge-to-action training translates this potential into practical action. We’ll arm you with the information that actually impacts public safety and empower you to make informed decisions during the planning stage – when you have the chance to maximize your return on investment.

Drone technology has unique implications for public safety personnel. To meet the specific needs of police, firefighters, and emergency management personnel, SkyOp has created this refined version of our comprehensive Intro to sUAS/Learn to Fly course. Topics covered include public safety uses for sUAS, videos & photos, post-processing, situation analysis for first responders, accident photos & assessment, large group monitoring & control, following a suspected criminal, hazardous materials incidents, terrorist threat assessment, search & rescue, active fire situations, damage assessments, hostage situations, surveillance, and the creation of training videos.

Students will learn how to use and apply multi-rotors and to understand fixed-wing and autonomous flight systems. They’ll gain an understanding of flight vehicles and their characteristics by using a simulator and through hands-on flights of different models and multi-rotors. Current FAA rules and regulations, plus operational risk and safety issues, will also be addressed.

The class consists of four four-hour sessions presented over two days, and scheduling options vary by location. Students will improve flight skills in class using a training quadcopter indoors without GPS assistance. Each student will also receive a computer flight simulator with radio controller and a workbook.