Intro to sUAS / Learn to Fly

PhotoSmall Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) are a dynamic, emerging technology that will literally transform industries and have an economic impact of $100 billion over the next four years. This 12-hour course is comprehensive, hands-on training that gives you all the vital skills and information you need to start piloting drones safely and legally. In addition to teaching safety best practices and piloting skills, we cover the types of flight systems available, their capabilities, and which one would be best for your use; we discuss how drones can be used in business and industry applications, and how to apply drone technology to bring efficiencies to business; and we teach drone photography and videography skills.

Our hands-on Knowledge-to-Action courseware, tested and vetted by the State University of New York, gives advanced insight into the business and employment opportunities created by drones. Topics covered include flying multi-rotor & fixed-wing drones, indoor flight training, diverse flight systems, maintenance, registration & certification requirements, safety, insurance, industry applications, featured systems (DJI, Yuneec, etc.), emerging technologies, and the latest FAA policies. The course includes a workbook, a quadcopter with camera, and a computer flight simulator with radio controller. Each student will receive a training certificate of completion.

Students interested in pursuing an FAA remote pilot certification and accessing drone-enabled employment opportunities should supplement this course with the Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Prep course. That course, designed to prepare operators to successfully pass the certification test and achieve FAA remote pilot certification, supplements drone-specific knowledge with additional ground-school information covered in the test.

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