Intro to Drones Bundle

  • Fly drones safely and legally
  • Understand the types of flight systems available, their capabilities, and how to pick the one that would be best for your organization
  • Apply drone technology to bring efficiencies to your business
  • Be able to identify flight system orientation, account for issues related to depth perception, and fly without dependence on GPS

  • Save Time And Money By Taking Our Proven Course

  • Be Prepared To Earn Your Remote Pilot Certificate

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Location: Pinnacle Athletic Campus, 7600 Pinnacle Rd, Victor, NY 14564

Monday August 17 - Wednesday August 19
Monday August 31 - Wednesday September 2

Time: 4:00pm – 8:30pm
Fee: $1,185.00

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Who Is Giving The Training?

The instruction is being provided by SkyOp, the leading sUAS courseware developer and training company in the country.

What Types Of Unmanned Aircraft Will The Course Focus On?

The course will focus on small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). These are defined by the FAA as weighing less than 55 lbs.

Will I Be Able To Fly A Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) At The End Of This Course?


Do I Need To Purchase My Own sUAS For The Course?

No. The course fee includes a "training" quadcopter, the Syma X5C, purposely selected for its extreme durability (survives crashes well, perfect for indoor instruction) and manual controls (as learning to fly without GPS assistance results in better piloting skills).

Will We Be Flying Outdoors For The Course?

No. We teach indoors because it's the best environment to learn how to pilot without the added challenges of the elements like wind, precipitation, trees, etc.

Can Two People Share A Drone Given Out In The Course And Reduce The Fee They Pay?

No. Each student needs his or her own system, which we provide. There will be skills homework assignments and in-class activities that require each student to practice with and operate their own system.

Will This Course Prepare Me For FAA Remote Pilot Certification?

Yes. This course is designed to give you the instruction you need to prepare for and successfully pass the FAA remote pilot knowledge test. The test itself, administered at an authorized FAA Knowledge Testing Center, will be a written exam with no piloting demonstration required.

Other Courses Online That Say They're FAA Certified. Why Isn't This Course?

No coursework is FAA Certified. FAA certification comes only after passing the FAA's remote pilot knowledge test, which is only available at qualified FAA Knowledge Testing Centers.

What Is Your Cancellation/Refund Policy?

Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received. To cancel your registration prior to 24 hours before the class starts for a full refund, please call 585.598.4737. No-shows and cancellations not made prior to 24 hours before the class starts will incur the full cost of registration, however a future class may be attended at no additional cost. If the class is cancelled, you have the option of applying your fee to a future class or receiving a full refund.